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S Series Products Are Suitable for The hottest selling model, combining style and performance

Product Advantage: 
1. Unique orange swingarm design for a stylish and energetic ride
2. Patented rubber shock absorption, providing you with excellent shock absorption and a more enjoyable ride
3. 10" 2.5 wide pneumatic tyres for greater grip, safety and comfort, with off-road tyres available
4. The highest configuration of dual drive 1000W motor, powerful power, means high performance acceleration and riding experience
5. Maximum hydraulic brakes to ensure safe and reliable braking ability and reduce the risk of accidents

5 produkte
JOYOR S8-S S-Serie DoppelmotorJOYOR S8-S S-Serie Doppelmotor
JOYOR S8-S S-Serie Doppelmotor
$635.00 ~ $700.00
S10-S DoppelmotorS10-S Doppelmotor
S10-S Doppelmotor
Doppelmotor der S-SerieDoppelmotor der S-Serie
Doppelmotor der S-Serie
$1,049.00 ~ $1,319.00
Einzelmotor der S5-SerieEinzelmotor der S5-Serie
Einzelmotor der S5-Serie
$410.00 ~ $450.00
JOYOR S10-S S-Serie mit zwei MotorenJOYOR S10-S S-Serie mit zwei Motoren
JOYOR S10-S S-Serie mit zwei Motoren
$610.00 ~ $650.00